Helping the Homeless and Hungry in Santa Monica

Founded in 1980, Food Not Bombs is an all-volunteer movement that recovers food that would otherwise be discarded, and shares free vegan and vegetarian meals with the hungry in over 1,000 cities in 65 countries in protest to war, poverty, and destruction of the environment. We are not a charity but dedicated to taking nonviolent direct action. Our movement has no headquarters or positions of leadership and we use the process of consensus to make decisions. We also provide food and supplies to the survivors of natural disasters, and people participating in occupations, strikes, marches and protests. 

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Every dollar you give makes a difference


Did you know that 11 billion pounds of garden produce become food waste annually? Did you know that 1 in 6 people experience food insecurity every day in the USA? Did you know that we are 100% powered by unpaid volunteers? Give today and help us feed our brothers and sisters in Santa Monica.


Read more about FNB Santa Monica in the local news


"Social Distancing Means Meals for Homeless Community Served to Go"

Spectrum News 1 | May 21, 2020

“We have a sense of community here. When a lot of people feel lonely, when I’m out here working with Food Not Bombs, I don’t feel lonely,” said Alexandra Paul.


We are expanding our team of hard-working and compassionate volunteers. We meet on Thursday at the Salvation Army, so please join us between 4-6 PM and stay as long as you can! Dinner is served at 8:30 PM  Weekly commitment isn't required.


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